PetHey F900Plus vs. PetSafe Stay & Play: A Comprehensive Wireless Dog Fence Comparison


When it comes to keeping your furry friends safe and contained, wireless dog fences have become a popular choice. In this blog post, we'll be diving into a detailed comparison between the PetHey F900Plus and the PetSafe Stay & Play, two leading wireless dog fence systems on the market today.



The PetHey F900Plus boasts a 3-in-1 system that includes fencing, forbidden zones, and training capabilities. This versatility allows pet owners to not only keep their pets within a designated area but also to train them effectively and designate specific areas as off-limits. In contrast, the PetSafe Stay & Play focuses primarily on fencing.


Setup Time:

One of the major advantages of the F900Plus is its quick setup time, which takes only 2 minutes. This is significantly faster than the PetSafe system, which requires an hour to set up, making the F900Plus a more convenient option for those who need a quick and easy solution.



The F900Plus is designed to be portable, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This portability is a stark contrast to the PetSafe Stay & Play, which is larger and requires a power outlet, limiting its use to outdoor settings.


Connectivity and Accuracy:

The F900Plus employs radar technology, providing a more reliable and accurate connection compared to the RF technology used by the PetSafe Stay & Play. In terms of accuracy, the F900Plus boasts a remarkable margin of error of just 2-3 feet, surpassing the 5-10 feet margin of error found in the PetSafe system.


Coverage Area:

The F900Plus covers a larger area, securing up to 1 acre with an adjustable radius of 10-120 feet, compared to the PetSafe's coverage of 3/4 acre with a radius of 22-105 feet.


Battery Life:

Both systems offer impressive battery life, but the F900Plus's collar battery is built-in with a 1000mAh capacity, and the transmitter has a 5000mAh battery, which is a significant advantage over the PetSafe system, which requires an outlet for the transmitter.



The F900Plus includes a portable transmitter with a display screen for real-time distance monitoring and alerts when your dog nears the boundary. The PetSafe Stay & Play does not offer these features.



The PetHey F900Plus offers a more versatile, portable, and accurate solution for pet owners looking to keep their pets safe and contained. With its quick setup, radar connectivity, and superior coverage area, the F900Plus is a clear winner in this comparison.


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